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UniPi Tanıtım
UniPi is an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi (RPi). It brings suitable solution for managing Smart Home, HVAC-technology, IoT, Scada and many other applications and offers many options of utilization for home-automation. UniPi features many components such as 14 digital inputs with LED signalization, two 0-10V analog inputs, one 0-10V analog output, 8 changeover relays, single channel 1Wire interface and a real-time clock module. Due to all of this and the fact, that UniPi board is designed to fit the cheap and easy to use Raspberry Pi mini computer, UniPi becomes very effective controller, which is uniquely versatile and offers wide variety of uses. Thanks to its compatibility it is very convenient for unification and interconnection of both, already installed and planned systems. Thanks to UniPi, one will be able to control and manage all the systems from one device (smartphone, tablet, PC...) also from a distance, even if it was not possible before.

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